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Calming Milk Bath

Calming Milk Bath

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Calming milk bath is great for those nights you want to just relax. With essential oils and herbs is the ultimate aromatherapy treatment. The oils float to the top and cling to your skin when you get in, scenting you for hours. Bath Salts and powdered milk make your water feel silky, softening skin, relaxing the muscles and soaking away the stresses of the day. The lavender essential oil is also added, ensuring a relaxing bath before bed.

(Leave the product in the bag, and throw it in your hot bath.)


Epsom Salt, Lavender Buds, Calendula, Chamomile, Dry Milk, Lavender & Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Free of Harsh Chemicals, Detergents, & Preservatives.


Eucalyptus + Lemon


Use This For

All skin type/relaxation

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